16th April 7:55 pm

Issue 4

 Mogg spouts ridiculous notion that UK cannot change leader as there is a war on, this is repeated throughout the month in blatant contradiction of modern British history.

18th Biden call to Zi

War description from general attrition vs annihilation. On Twitter will try to find link.

Looking at possibility of long term change in trade.

Johnson likens spirt of Brexit to spirt of Ukrainian freedom.

Russia demands payment of gas in Roubles.

24th concerning rhetoric on nuclear deterrent this is a pattern of abusive and threatening bullying by Putin.

Germany soft due to reliance on oil.

28th Office of budget responsibility report.

Sunak in committee says changes in intensity were expected!

Ch 4 sale announced, more worrying damage to our democratic institutions. Later in this month war crimes committed by Russia and losses of troops including the Moskova do not appear to be reported in Russia.

Need waiting lists for NHS services most used by Conservative voters.

Link to Geneva convention, has there ever been a justified war of aggression?

Will add second half of month later.

Lord Peter Hennessy commenting on BJ behaviour.

Week in Tory, excellent description of Sunak’s bizarre greed.

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