16th February 4:56pm

Issue 2


The Daily Mail start adding Ukraine to headlines, a clue to part of BJ escape plan? It is brought up in PMQs he says he is talking to leaders. Did anybody check?

Russia has said it has no plans to stage a new invasion of Ukraine, and has ridiculed Johnson’s claims that an invasion is imminent. However, by 25th reports from US officials in WSJ that 70% of Russia’s non reserve forces mobilised near Ukraine.

The Kremlin said it would provide details if and when Putin spoke to Johnson by phone, adding that Putin was ready to talk to anyone, including the “utterly confused”.

Sky News reports that the Russian deputy ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy said that,” British diplomacy has shown that it is absolutely worthless in such issues, I am sorry to say”.

You might expect Russia to insult Britain but can we admit they have a point?

The Atlantic reported that light weight Foreign Secretary Liz Truss’s trip was an abject failure. That I think was a little unfair as the Rubber Lady got a few Brian Cox style photographs of her in a fur hat.

The month was briefly interrupted by

Trump testing more deranged ideas in rallies.

BJ reaches a new low in the way he presents an insult.

BJ say he will end Covid restrictions early. If it wasn’t these sociopaths in charge, we could have a modern country. Test if visit the vulnerable. Leaders in home working. Ventilation plans in place for general health and next variant. Social responsibility in shops and public transport etc.

No statement from Professor Chris Whitty yet.

Jack Munroe@Bootstrapcook creates own inflation measures based on value food prices.

Back to Ukraine

Background. Crimea annexation. Last year exercises that were considered a bluff. This is an ongoing problem for Western politicians.

So what’s in it for Putin?

Donbas area conflict possibly stoked by Russia and many Russian immigrants during Soviet Union. Maybe a good outcome if this can be separated from Ukraine.

Relevance in world and 1984 politics at home.

If in NATO Ukraine may try to retake Crimea and NATO may be drawn in? Ex Cold War cronies can’t move on from break up. See NATO link below.

Too much democracy in the similar culture of Ukraine.

Has the effect of testing resolve and unity in the West for planning next year?

Tansy Kelly Robson @Artemisapphire has a list of downsides for Russia.

NATO – Topic: NATO-Russia relations: the facts

Why the West’s Diplomacy With Russia Keeps Failing – The Atlantic

List of ongoing armed conflicts – Wikipedia

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