A question from Laura.

The First Secretary of State opens with the data. The deaths are very sad again. We are guided by SAGE.

Question from Laura. “Is this a change from we follow the scientific advice?”

SOS gives the considerations we need to balance, which includes protecting our way of life. Steps must be sure footed and sustainable.

Question from Laura. “Do we need to change our way of life as we are destroying the planet?”

Talks about Cyberattacks and gives an interesting list of agencies involved in our protection. Say’s there are State actors involved in criminal activities which include espionage.

Question from Laura “Which states are these?”

Transport graph is back refreshed and trending upwards. The Chief Scientific Officer of the Ministry of Defence says this is worrying.

This is I think due to the public gradually taking risks and going back to work and is part of the Governments policy. However, how could we possibly find out? Questions from Laura “Is this Government policy?” “Why are you worried?”” What are you planning to do about it?”

The number of patients in hospital is falling. This is due to more leaving.

Question from Laura “What percentages of leaving are recovered or died?”

We still need to get to grips with Care home deaths.

Question from Laura “Can you give any details on this?”


A very general question on inequalities. SOS says the virus does not discriminate, which is true. Dame Angela McLean says the less advantaged do have a higher correlation, which is also true. She also says the virus will hide in parts of society which are difficult to reach.

Question from Laura “Is this due to some groups having to put themselves at risk to earn money or other types of behaviour?”

Why have we chosen our own app rather than global system? It needs to be tailored to our own specific needs and our standards are high.

Question from Laura “Can you give me an example of high standards the Government have shown in epidemic planning?”

Did Robert Peston actually ask a question? I think he used over 100 words to ask “Are UK deaths going to be the same as Germany?” DAM points out that his interpretation of the graph was to ask, how we can bring people back to life?

I think the scientists should have more fun.

The scientific officer praises the testing strategies of Germany and South Korea and feels we can learn from them.

Question from Laura “What can we learn from them?”

Seems there is some misleading information about schools in Scotland. DAM does not recognize this study. Evidence is thin. What about Obesity? Yes it is a risk factor. Two beautiful studies are being done. Diets do not work it needs a long term change in life style. Mask-messaging shows why it is important to keep information simple. SOS shows the difficulties of giving information as he has to row back on the word good, as in progress with EU. This he knows will cause problems as journalists will cause trouble over it. Football will lift our spirits.

Welsh Journalist asks a question that implies the Welsh do not understand their own constitution. SOS gives a diplomatic answer. In a follow up the Journalist confirms he thinks the Welsh do not understand what their Government is responsible for. So SOS has to repeat the nations are working well together. DAM says England are creating data streams and are trying to persuade the other nations they are useful.

Take that Nicola ‘Twelve o’clock briefing’ Sturgeon. Question from Laura “Could you give us an example of these data?”

Unfortunately, Laura was not at the briefing today. So her questions were not asked.

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