Clichés, 370

Democracy, liberal 369

Humanism, 370

Hypocrisy, 371

Ideology, theocratic 369

Journalism, bad 374, patriotic 368,

Language, miss-use of 369

Nihilists, 373

Virtue, 375                  


Whatever our feelings on the matter we have now left the E.U. Due to a combination of apathy and confusion, it could be argued that U.K democracy has been in decline over the last 20 years. It is now certain that British voters are now responsible for whatever fate the future holds in store for us.

A few facts.

The Conservative and Unionist Party had 635 candidates in the 2019 election.

It has 161,000 members.

161,000 / 635 = 254

In England the median electorate in a constituency is 72,000

If, as I was led to believe local members choose the candidates that represent them, this is both interesting and worrying. Mathew Parris wrote in the Spectator “Eight reasons why I know why I’m a Conservative”.

Although I don’t agree with every word used I think it is a useful summary of what a vast majority of Conservative voters believe.

If you concerned about these values, democracy and your pension, membership of the Conservative and Unionist Party is £25.00

If you have just received your A level results £5.00

Just one more thing. If a Conservative movement sprang up to halt our slide into the abyss it would need a catchy name.