Between the lines.

Downing Street 04/05/2020

Nick Hancock opens the briefing with a statement on how well he has done to create a system of track and trace which is both massive and unprecedented in scale. He is very direct and confident.

That he is now in the clear for the systematic lack of planning for testing in the first place.

The slightly less positive news of deaths is then announced.

 But they are no longer sad.

JVT states that step 5 will need scientific advice.

This means we need to look at how many people are infected and die as a result of going back to work.

The traffic graph has another day off and is replaced today with Apple data. Searches for directions!

Which I think shows a small upward trend.My question is if we start showing the British public decent information where will it end?

Hospital deaths which is always stated as the most accurate, shows the drop in weekends again. This is at last remarked upon as an artifact of the pre-crisis system.

 Strange that this has not been sorted out yet.

They are also still persevering with global deaths even though we are clearly worse now than Italy and Spain on this graph. Some unconvincing waffle about per capita.

Why not present that data then? Answer, in this graph we will look worse than the USA. Although less than Italy, Spain and Belgium.


BAME again. Same answers.

Although the Deputy Chief Medical Officer is funny (he says he is obviously from a BAME background as well!) when he says all deaths of NHS workers are a tragedy even if they are Caucasian (sorry JVT !)

Track and Trace. Clearly states that aim is keep virus at low levels not eradicate.

I would have thought as low as possible would be a sensible answer. Is this because with the virus spread across the world it will be impossible to keep it out? Monitor New Zealand?

Hugh Pym is so thankful to be able to ask a question.

The BBC is not safe. If they do not hold this Government to account, the Tories will suspect this will be the same for the opposition if they get into power.

Actually askes an interesting question about when testing will be rolled out. Answer four weeks but headline date deliberately not given. Track and trace capacity is not directly linked to the unlock*a

Why Isle of Wight? Professor Newton sensibly says he has experience of the area. Limited entry to the island. Numbers of people and low levels of cases mean will make it a good place for pilot study. Clearly states the island will not be used a guinea pig to test unlocking strategies! National Cyber security has been involved with regard to security of app.

I feel they have been a little unclear on privacy. Although the contact data is stored only on your phone (a plus) it is then obviously shared when you activate it! When you give your name does it then link this to the phones movement. I think this needs to be clarified because I can see how this could work anonymously so is this just a communication glitch?

Interesting discussion on antibody tests. Although not accurate enough to give an individual a clear result on whether they had been infected, they are now good enough for surveys. Two large surveys are underway about whether you are conferred some protection if you have had it once and for how long it will last. 2 years is a suggested time frame for the studies. Mr. Van-Tam gives good reason for this and explains how we cannot make our bodies respond faster. Secretary of State gives a good answer that he would not be happy ignoring social distancing even though he has a had the virus. The reason is until we know about this novel virus it could risk infecting others.

*a Unlock. Clearly this country has not gone as far as others but more than Sweden. So we need to careful about this term.

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