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I do not think it cynical to believe this is a deliberate choice by the French President. Why did he choose this word. I think it is because normal decent people would think… yes, to humiliate someone is wrong. They have a conscience. They have empathy. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. This may lead them to draw the conclusion it would be best to mediate and thus serve President Macrons purpose: to find a compromise that does not harm or benefits the financial interests in France and Germany.

However, the leaders of the Russian Federation who are poisoners and murderers of children, cannot be humiliated they cannot possibly have the human spirit needed for this emotion. They can only be stopped and then shunned by the democratic allies until Russians replace them by a political regime that we can morally do business with and gives the planet a chance to survive.

16th April 7:55 pm

Issue 4

 Mogg spouts ridiculous notion that UK cannot change leader as there is a war on, this is repeated throughout the month in blatant contradiction of modern British history.

18th Biden call to Zi

War description from general attrition vs annihilation. On Twitter will try to find link.

Looking at possibility of long term change in trade.

Johnson likens spirt of Brexit to spirt of Ukrainian freedom.

Russia demands payment of gas in Roubles.

24th concerning rhetoric on nuclear deterrent this is a pattern of abusive and threatening bullying by Putin.

Germany soft due to reliance on oil.

28th Office of budget responsibility report.

Sunak in committee says changes in intensity were expected!

Ch 4 sale announced, more worrying damage to our democratic institutions. Later in this month war crimes committed by Russia and losses of troops including the Moskova do not appear to be reported in Russia.

Need waiting lists for NHS services most used by Conservative voters.

Link to Geneva convention, has there ever been a justified war of aggression?

Will add second half of month later.

Lord Peter Hennessy commenting on BJ behaviour.

Week in Tory, excellent description of Sunak’s bizarre greed.

18th March 7:17am

Issue 3

18.02.22 Big Jet Tv  Storm

                  Shelling in Ukraine

UK citizens without full information about Brexit according to E.U.

Credit Swiss leak?

Daily Mail: Queen is working with Covid, so so should you.

21.02.22  BJ ends free testing and legal requirement to quarantine. Covid spreading party man asks for personal responsibility .

Putin invents new areas in Ukraine. Conference has weird Christmas dinner at Fred West’s house vibe. Sends in what he calls peace keepers

Are prostitution and drug dealing GDP. So house prices?


Bridgen really rude about nurse.


Russian troops enter areas on peace mission (Invasion)

Johnson corrects record for first time? because of Abramovich.


Message from Putin seems to suggest he will use nuclear weapons …you will face consequences greater than ant you have faced in history. All the relavant deciions have been taken. I hope you hear me.

Full English textFull text of Vladimir Putin’s speech announcing ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine (msn.com)

Russian troops enter Ukraine

Did 150 Russian officials sign letter condemning the invasion?

What happened to them and general who said earlier objections?

Chernobyl taken over, increase in radiation possibly due to vehicles disturbing soil.

Invasion does not go well.

Putin says nuclear missile staff on special duties.

04.03.22  nuclear power plant on fire due to shelling. Put out for now.

Britain dilatory on sanctions

Written on 07.03 but main ideas on or before 28th

Russian leaders are not a Mafia they are serial killers in control of a country.

Saddam and his sons serial killers. Fred west then street, town, city, is it only being in charge of a country that gives you legitimacy.

There is only moral relativism. No tablet of stone. But we decide where we stand on humanism. There is only power e.g. Nurenburg, Haig 

Do all dictators lead their countries(victims)  to disaster. Psychological effects of absolute power. Paranoia is self fulfilling people are out to get you. Start killing then they are out to get you. Philosopher on Twitter has analyzed behaviours that too much power changes.

Idea that Europe becomes one nation


 alluring but sad. Does it actually have to? With USA as friendly super power (for how long if GOP dictatorship?). Europe can be many nations acting together in extrimis. Together with Five eyes. Is not a push towards a superpower just a step towards dictatorship? GDP of free world huge compared to the autocrats*, we need to make use of this.

*Rabb seems to suggest otherwise. Need to check this at some point.

28th Feb interesting analysis of prepared Russian media. Claiming victory and end of Ukrainian problem. This was shown even though invasion had stalled.

1st March

OSINT source


2nd March United Nations vote. Interesting on who is onside with who.

3rd March

US sources of information said to be good, example below


British MOD also had updates

Link for 7th March

Ministry of Defence 🇬🇧 on Twitter: “Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine – 07 March 2022 Find out more about the UK government’s response: https://t.co/D3NG9b9zMX 🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 https://t.co/lIjezjELsE” / Twitter

For the second Gulf War I found it impossible to understand why Saddam did not let inspectors in. Either he was tricked or internal politics made it impposible for him.

I thought by looking at Ukrainian military power that a war with them would be unlikely. I believed that USSR casualties in Afghanistan created political problems for the leadership. Again from the hub of the Moons news desk. I could not fathom Putin’s thinking.

Some attempts to find out below.

Lecture on Russian psychology.

Do they really think like this as oligarchs like to live in West? Just ideas that are pushed to the people(victims)?

Kamil Galev @kamilkazani thread on why its likely Putin will be deposed. Repeated (escalating) invasions to gain/retrieve popularity. Believes Putin will lose this one.

Professor Olga Chyzh @olga_chyzh  says why not. Putin his strongmen friends and Oligarchs.

Germany seems to change defence policy, increasing spending and suppling weapons.

Some thoughts and links to where we go from here.




07.03.22 China will not sanction Russia

09.03.22 U.A.E and Saudi not returning President Biden calls?

Nuclear plant Chernobyl worries about cooling.

10.03.22 UK has still only given 300 visas.

Looks like U.A.E have had a chat with Biden and increasing oil!

Savid Javid warns Covid cases will rise at same time as agreeing to scrap all precautions and mitigations (seatbelts). He has sacrificed the health of England to try and keep his ministerial career. He should resign. He has proven again he is not fit for office.

15.03.22 Chernobyl staff (same shift for three weeks) exhausted. It is believed a catastrophic meltdown is unlikely but great risk of radiation poisoning for the staff

Will China give Russia the weapons they have apparently asked for?. I have read but not immediately have sources for. Chinas options and why Zi and his autocracy is hurting China.

This also leads to questions on how Britain’s democracy and government is hurting us.

New power description of Russia courtiers & barons from Kamil Galev@kamilkazani

E.U leaders invited to Kiyv. Polish, Slovenian and Czech Republic Prime Ministers go. Boris Johnson cannot spare time away from the front line at Brize Norton.


China options are on Twitter but no link yet

13th March Chernobyl gets power back.

13th March Sunday headlines in Mail; Gove says oligarch’s property should be seized. Is he no longer worried about statues as well?

14th March protesters squat Oleg Deripaska’s house but by 12:46 police arrived to remove them!

View point.

With dead women and children in the street is must be apparent that leaders such as Putin care nothing about freedom, biodiversity or global warming the things that will make life worth living for our children. If our leaders compromise with them, it will also show that neither do they.


President Biden says “Oh I, I think he is a war criminal” in response to the question about Putin.


P&0 is this due to lost trade with Europe?

Next month

What do you call a Head of State who is a serial killer. Therefore a new definition of execution vs murder.