17th January 11:48

Issue 1


 The British Prime Minister says he is sickened by his Press Office joking about parties (Covid spreading events).

A photo then appears of him at one.


Nearly every paper had Prince Andrew and the Court case in America as a headline rather than advice about the Pandemic. Nationwide advice on ventilation and behaviour still not a priority.

Prime Minister continues to deny he has done anything wrong. Reports of two more parties (Covid spreading events) the day before Prince Philips funeral.

Government continue to push Republican-American type policies, voter id without evidence of fraud, as this will impact non Conservative voters and laws against protest.

UK 150,000 Covid deaths. Japan 20,000

Announcement that BBC one of this countries and the world’s great assets, to be crushed. Again who benefits?


Clichés, 370

Democracy, liberal 369

Humanism, 370

Hypocrisy, 371

Ideology, theocratic 369

Journalism, bad 374, patriotic 368,

Language, miss-use of 369

Nihilists, 373

Virtue, 375