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Everyone who has usually voted Conservative should join the Party. This present Conservative government is a deeply worrying threat to our social fabric, democracy and the nation itself. Having a say in who stands as a candidate for a party, is I think, one of the most important ways we can address this desperate situation.

I will now address a few concerns voters might have in doing this.

The government might say the increase in membership shows support for their policies.

This I would hope to be short lived if the most disgraceful are deselected.

You would be contributing to the party coffers.

I have looked again at the average number of conservative voters who are eligible to select a candidate. 180,000 members shared amongst 635 seats contested gives an average of 283 members selecting each candidate. A rough estimate is that 65% are below the age of 26 and 35% above (1) this gives a £2575 contribution for the above 26 and £920 below. If it is true that one company has donated £5000 and above to many MPs  ⚡Who does Boris Johnson and his government really work for? In our opinion, not you.⚡ – YouTube  you can see that your contribution should not concern you.

    I have checked my numbers twice and I am going to recheck them again. From the annual report we can still get from the Electoral commission View statement of accounts – The Electoral Commission donations are £56,950,000 twenty five times greater than membership fees.

These figures also show how disconnected we the voters are from politics and how easy it would be to change this. Using the popular vote of 13,966,454 and a membership of 180,000 means that only 1 in a hundred of conservative voters actually take part in selecting their local candidate. This process is the fundamental basis of our democracy. Commons library research  shows how participation has changed over time.

A feature of the Conservatives in the past was the independence of their local branches. I am not sure how much this has changed but I found it interesting to note that after Neil Hamilton refused to stand down and lost his seat, it was Jeffry Archer who pushed for more centralisation.

 Of course if you are repulsed by the present incumbents but unable to change the candidate at a party level you do not have to vote for them in an election. £5 to £26 is a very small outlay for a chance to save the country.

If you think you would do a better job than your local MP or know someone who could, here is the guide.

Guide to becoming a Conservative Party Parliamentary Candidate-HH.pdf (

A couple of requirements to note.

You must have been a member of the Conservative Party for at least three months.

You must subscribe to the Nolan principles of public life (selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, leadership).

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